Price Guarantee

It’s Reasonable to book your itinerary with Timeless Travel Africa!

As one of Africa’s leading operators, Timeless Travel Africa invests heavily in our supplier relationships. Based on our volume of business, we are able to contract some of the best available rates across both East and Southern Africa. As a web-based tour operator, providing a bespoke tailor-made service dealing directly with you the client, we are not required to share our commissions with other agents or operators, and as such we can always offer the most competitive price structure. The rates for our itineraries are generally 5-15% cheaper than if you were to book your itinerary direct or through other agents.

We understand that price is only one factor to consider when booking your African adventure. By providing you with highly competitive rates, we are by no means compromising on quality. To this end, we only recommend lodges and suppliers we believe in and have experienced for ourselves. In fact, we are so confident in the value of our product that if you happen to find the same holiday for less, we will match the price; that’s our Price Guarantee.

Our Pricing:

Your travel plans will be arranged by an experienced professional who can give you first-hand information and advice. Timeless Travel Africa consultants have collectively travelled to all the destinations offered on this site and are passionate about creating your ideal African experience. We pride ourselves in responding to your enquiry within 24 hours. Below are some important factors to consider regarding our pricing structure:

  • Prices on Timeless Travel Africa website are updated on a regular basis. However, to maintain consistency the prices quoted on the site are rack rates and prices do differ according to the season of travel, room category and special offers.
  • A rack rate is the rate a hotel would offer you if you approached them directly.
  • Timeless Travel Africa will be able to secure you the best available rate.
    Timeless Travel Africa does not raise a card surcharge should you wish to pay via credit card.
    We aim to give you a comprehensive quotation covering all expenses that you might incur on your trip so that there are no surprises and no hidden costs.

Package Rates

Clients often ask why we are unable to itemise our services. The reason is that we are bound by our rate contracts which prevent us from disclosing individual rates. In order to pass on itinerary discounts to our clients, we are not permitted to disclose an individual rate, nor are we permitted to sell a stand-alone product below the public rate. By quoting you a package rate, we are able to offer a rate for your itinerary that is far better than the one you would get if you booked your itinerary direct.

The expert destination and product knowledge provided by our travel experts is therefore a value added service which is not charged for. As a result, our business model is different to other operators that add a service fee to the accommodation rate. By contracting and selling direct, we are able to pass on routine discounts, which is why we offer a price guarantee without any compromise on the service and advice that you will receive.

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