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Discover the beauty nature of Africa!!

Timeless Travel Africa offers unique African wildlife safaris, mountaineering treks, cultural experiences, historical site visits and beach holiday escapes exclusively in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique & Seychelles.We are passionate about our wildlife, tribal cultures and all of the mystical treasures that Tanzania has to offer and this makes us proud to present it to you.

The combined experiences of the Timeless Travel team demonstrates a concise understanding of wildlife behaviors, practical local knowledge of culture and history and dedication to each individual adventure – All of which create a ‘special’ experience. !


We are Safari Experts, not lodge owners. Clients love our unbiased advice.


You will always get the best value with us, in one complete tailor-made itinerary.


From A to Z, we take care of every detail: your flights, activities, accommodation, transfers – everything.


Your money is safe with us. Our clients are fully covered by our supplier default insurance.


Always there for you, from before you travel to after you return home.

Tailor Made Africa Tours & Safaris

We tailor our African safaris Travel uniquely for each client so please contact us for individual pricing information.
…through Timeless Travel Africa, you have an advantage from our unlimited experience in tailor-made African safaris tours and beach holidays. We work with you together to organize a safari tours/holiday that meets your desires…

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Timeless Travel Africa, through their true experience, familiarity, organization and logistical skills, made this a trip of a lifetime.– Dan, USA

It’s Reasonable to book your Safari with Timeless Travel Africa!

As one of Africa’s leading operators, Timeless Travel Africa invests heavily in our supplier relationships. Based on our volume of business, we are able to contract some of the best available rates across both East and Southern Africa. As a web-based tour operator, providing a bespoke tailor-made service dealing directly with you the client, we are not required to share our commissions with other agents or operators, and as such we can always offer the most competitive price structure. The rates for our itineraries are generally 5-15% cheaper than if you were to book your itinerary direct or through other agents….. More

While traveling in Africa, we are available 24/7 to provide any necessary assistance. Our moral belief is Quality and Service and giving you The Right Solutions at The Right Price!

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