Few destinations in the world can evoke such powerfully exotic imagery as Kenya, one of East Africa’s premier safari destinations. To say Kenya is Africa in microcosm would not be stretching the point. The acacia-dotted savannahs are inhabited by classic African animals, from towering elephants and prancing gazelles to prides of lions and stalking leopards. And who could pass up the chance to see the annual wildebeest migration, the largest single movement of herd animals on the planet?

Aside from the flaunted images of the Masai Mara National Reserve, intrepid travellers can explore the barren expanses of the Rift Valley, the glacial ridges of Mt Kenya and the beaches of the Swahili Coast.

The people, too, represent a wide cross-section of everything that is contemporary Africa, and everyday life brings together traditional tribes and urban families, ancient customs and modern sensibilities.

Thinking about going on a safari to Kenya? Great choice! Kenya is truly a remarkable destination to experience an African Safari. Kenya safari tours offer you truly special experiences that you will find on no other African Safaris. What makes a Kenya safari so unique? Only Kenya is home to the ancient traditions of the Maasi tribe and to the diverse wildlife of the Masai Mara Game Reserve. And it is Kenya that boasts spectacular views of Tanzania’s Mount Kiliminjaro. Located in East Africa, Kenya offers something special to everyone on your vacation

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