Mozambique is a beautiful country that is most famous for its beaches – indisputably some of Africa’s finest. The Quirimbas and Bazaruto Archipelagos are chains of islands with world class beaches and superbly unspoilt, thriving coral reefs, this is a perfect location for an African honeymoon. The mainland coast has mile upon mile of rugged, wild beaches and a couple of safari parks…these do not currently offer great wildlife-viewing opportunities, yet potentially they may worthwhile conservation successes of the future.

The Quirimbas Archipelago
The Northern ‘Quirimbas’ Archipelago is a chain of 27 islands that stretch from Pemba as far North as the Tanzanian border. There are a couple of hotels here that are nothing short of world class and with a number of islands just waiting to be developed, Quirimbas is the place we will be talking about for years to come. The only issue with Quirimbas is that it is a tad tricky to get to and many of the islands are some distance from the nearest airport! Having said that, new routes from Tanzania have seen access improved, and the majority of travellers visit this part of the country from East Africa.

The Bazaruto Archipelago
The southern Bazaruto Archipelago has only five islands, but superb beaches and great snorkelling and diving. The lodges here are not quite in the same league as northern Mozambique, but logistically the area is much easier to combine with safari in Botswana, Zambia, Namibia or South Africa. It is very difficult to combine East Africa with southern Mozambique.

In summary, southern Mozambique’s beaches are best visited after a safari in Southern African countries where as Northern Mozambique is best visited from East Africa.

Mozambique Safari?
Mozambique safari parks are even harder to visit and it is worth mentioning that these parks are for safari nuts only – as of yet the parks do not offer an intensive game viewing experience. Garongosa, at the heart of the country, is the easiest to visit of Mozambique’s two main safari parks; it is reached by a three hour drive from the capital, Maputo. Garongosa has only one lodge, the beautifully authentic Explore Garongosa Camp. The Niassa Reserve in the North of the country is effectively an extension of Tanzania’s Selous Game Reserve and is an absolute nightmare to visit! It is only reachable by extensive overland driving or private charters. There are only two camps to stay in here – Lugenda and Explore Garongosa’s Niassa Camp.