Inhambane, situated in southern Mozambique, is by far the country’s premier tourist destination. With easy access by either road or air, this perfect paradise offers a variety of accommodation ideal for families, honeymoons and group holiday’s. Luxurious hotels and guesthouses are aplenty and provide a uniquely Mozambican experience.

Relaxing beaches, the freshest seafood and brilliant weather make Inhambane a great holiday destination. Honeymooners can enjoy romantic isolation whilst if you like to explore, this interesting town which is one of the oldest settlements in Mozambique, is filled with fascinating architecture and museums. Stroll through the markets and experience everything from spices and crafts to local fare.

Dominated by thousands of coconut palms, Inhambane is home to a number of idyllic beaches, including Jangamo, Tofo and Tofinho. Diving is an experience not to be missed and scuba diving in Inhambane is amongst the best in the world, with regular sightings of Sea Turtles, Whale Sharks and Giant Manta Rays. Rock and coral has formed a spectacular landscape of pinnacles and overhangs and the area is great for snorkelling, fishing and surfing.

Offering a wide variety of escorted tours such as boat trips to the nearby Portuguese Island or dhow cruises across the bay, Inhambane is a culmination of nature, diving, history and culture and will ensure a comforting break.