Pemba, Mozambique

Pemba is located in the far north of Mozambique, near the border of Tanzania. This destination is the world’s third largest port and the perfect city to lay your hat whilst enjoying quality facilities and luxurious retreats. Pemba is as pretty as a picture and the year round wonderful weather conditions makes it ideal for tourism activities, holiday.

You will be spoilt for choice with various hotels and lodges, from luxury to rusting settings, right on the beach. Establishments in Pemba provide quality facilities and the restaurants offer an array of the freshest seafood as well as traditional island cuisine.

Enjoy top class pampering or explore some of the world’s richest coral reefs. With its tropical setting and unspoiled coastline, Pemba is a prime Mozambique holiday destination for water sport and scuba diving enthusiasts. With its strategic location and deepwater port along the East African coast, Pemba forms a natural gateway to the jewel-like Qurimbas Archipelago. Island destinations are located just a short plane trip away.

Pemba is popular for year round game fishing and the coastline of northern Mozambique offers an astounding diversity of marine life. Pemba is a fantastic water sport and diving destination. Visit Ibo Island in the Quirimbas as a day tour and enjoy a host of fishing activities on Pemba. A vast range of underwater species and tropical coral reefs can be explored on scuba diving excursions and many of the establishments in Pemba offer guided diving.

Apart from the numerous water activities, Pemba is also host to a range of popular attractions to enjoy, from shops and markets to spectacular restaurants and bars.