Quirimbas Archipelago

One just has to look at photographs of the Quirimbas Archipelago and be bowled over by its captivating beauty. Comprising of a string of 32 islands that stretch for one hundred kilometres along the Mozambique coastline, the Quirimbas is virtually unknown to the outside world. The eleven southern most islands, as well as a large portion of mainland, forest make up the Quirimbas National Park, a conservation site which allows for a unique location to experience a bush and beach holiday setting.

In spite of the little development on the islands, there are plenty of accommodation choices to suit the holiday of your dreams. Whether you are in search of the ultimate island honeymoon or a family getaway, the Quirimbas Archipelago has a range of available options from beach lodges and resorts, to luxury hotels – all promising first world service and personal attention in a laidback environment.

Visitors to the Quirimbas Archipelago can explore ancient settlements and buildings, find intricate crafts and handmade silverware and enjoy cultural interaction with the heart warming islanders. Experience an ocean safari, discover sandbanks in the middle of the nowhere and spend time getting to know the rich history of the other islands.

The Quirimbas has a lot to offer tourists by way of its history, food and architecture. Activities will vary depending on where you choose to stay, however, water sports can be enjoyed from most of the islands. Relax on white sandy beaches surrounded by the tropical Indian Ocean or bask in the glorious African sun on deck of a traditional dhow. Kayak through lush, cool mangrove forests or discover the extensive reefs surrounding the archipelago. Bursting with marine life, hundreds of reef fish have already been identified and divers will also be able to view extensive species of shark, big game fish, dolphins and sea turtles.

Traditional Mozambican food is combined with European and Arabic flavours – offering guests a taste bud sensation. Seafood is plentiful and includes giant prawns, crab and freshly caught sailfish. Juicy fruits and delicious coconut rice are a typical accompaniment with most meals. Be sure to experience the renowned flavour of Mozambican piri-piri – Portuguese in origin and made from crushed chillies.