Rwanda Cultural centre

6 Days Cultural Tour in Rwanda

Rwanda culture is really unique and exciting. Through performances such as Cultural Music, dance and drummer, you learn more about the norms, values and customs of the peace full Rwanda people, because Rwanda is one of the African countries with unique and untamed cultural attractions in Africa. The richness of Rwandan culture is apparent in the wide range of fine crafts which include pottery, basketry, painting, jewelry, wood carving, metalwork, and the making of gourd containers.
Arrival in Kigali Okapi Hotel (FB)

Day 1. You will arrive in Kigali and be met by the safari guide, then transfer to your hotel for dinner and overnight.
Drive to Ruhengeri kinigi safari lodges (FB)

Day 2. Following breakfast, you will drive to Ruhengeri in the north, the Land of a Thousand Hills. You will have a tour around the lively and friendly town centre; visit the clay fields and see a group of brick makers. You will then go to your hotel of accommodation and have a  traditional dinner and also be entertained a local dance group, have a chance to see the cultural dances.
Visit to the Lakes kinigi safari lodges (FB)

Day 3. Wake up and have breakfast, then visit the beautiful region of the twin Lakes Burera and Ruhondo. You will be introduced to traditional sustainable farming methods with African vegetables and fruits, visit the local fishermen and also see the fishing competition with children from the adjacent villages. You will then have a launch cruise in one of the traditional canoes and have a visit to the convent Foyer de Charit, visit the local witch doctors and the snake man
Drive north of Lake Kivu and visit tea plantations. Hotel Le Printemps(FB)

Day 4. Drive to Gisenyi at the northern shores of Lake Kivu, visit the tea plantations, do some shopping at a farmers’ market then, have a tour of the city which repeatedly gained tragic publicity in the past decade because of enormous refugee camps, hunger, epidemics and, recently, a devastating volcanic eruption that reminded of the fate of the historic town of Pompeii and then drive to Kigali.
Visit to the Palace Hotel Le Printemps (FB)

Day 5. Drive to Nyanza, the historical seat of the ancient Rwandan kings and visit the Palace, then drive to Butare, Rwanda cultural centre and visit the National Museum. Drive to Kigali and tour the city. In the early evening, you will get to see performances done by the members of a Batwa Pottery Project with an introduction to the life of the first Rwandans, their art of pottery as well as singing, drumming and dancing
End of Tour Day 6. Wake up in the morning and have breakfast, then drive to Kigali, first have a look at the genocide memorial sites or lively markets in Kigali suburbs enroute and then depart back home.