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African Safari Packages

“Safari” means “journey” in Swahili. Make this your personal journey… no one comes home from Africa completely unchanged. We believe that your safari should fit your needs and your style. To begin planning your journey look through our site and ask yourself the following questions then contact us and we’ll design a journey you will never forget.

  • Do I want to travel with a small group on a scheduled departure or will I be happier traveling independently?
  • If I travel independently, do I want to have a private guide/driver/pilot or join others for game drives, transfers, and flights?
  • Who will be traveling? Many safari camps don’t accept children under 12… others make a point of being family-friendly? A multi-generation safari can be incredibly rewarding and memorable.
  • Do I want to include other activities besides traditional game viewing? (Canoeing, walking, horseback riding, wine tasting, cultural experiences, self-drive touring etc.) Click here for more details.
  • Do I want to stay in a tented camp or a lodge? A country home or city hotel?
  • How much do I want to spend on my adventure? 

We can plan a tailor-made independent safari for you (see our Custom Safaris page to get an idea of what is possible). These itineraries are designed with your dates, accommodation preferences, budget and special interests in mind. You will travel on your own but will never be alone… at each lodge or camp, you visit you will meet new and interesting people from around the world, your safari guides will take the time to get to know you and your interests, and you will be met and assisted with all transfers. In southern Africa, you can also choose to travel with a private pilot/guide and have exclusive use of small safari camps – this option is ideal for groups of 6-8 passengers.


You can join a small group of like-minded travelers on a Scheduled Safaris which could be an overland program where much of the travel is done by vehicle and all or most of the accommodation is in tented camps or they can be “Wing” safaris where the group moves together by air between permanent camps. A third option would be to join a “walking safari” and spend your days in the company of an expert, armed guide discovering Africa in the most intimate way possible: on foot. Nights are spent in mobile tented camps erected by the camp staff while you walk. One key feature of scheduled safaris is that you will generally be accompanied from start to finish by the same guide.


We are often asked, “when is the best time to go to Africa”. The answer to this question is: “Anytime!” Each season has its special joys. In general, most regions of sub-Saharan Africa experience one or two rainy periods each year but even these are not usually a “washout” for game viewing (rains are intermittent) and they bring wonderful lush landscapes, gorgeous flowers and, often a flood of baby animals. The other good thing about traveling in the “off” season is that you will have much less human company and prices are often lower! Let us know when you are available to travel and we can tell you which region is at its peak and what areas to avoid. Keep in mind that Africa’s seasons are reversed from the winter/summer of the northern hemisphere so that the coldest months are June and July and the hottest are November and December. Another important factor is altitude: much of the East African safari region is at altitudes of more than 5000′ so that even at the equator it can be quite cool at night.